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When a spinal vertebrae bone is out of place and putting pressure onto a nerve this is called a subluxation. A subluxation interferes with your body’s health. Every cell in your body needs FOOD, WATER, OXYGEN and NERVE SUPPLY. If you have a subluxation, putting pressure onto your nerve, your cells are missing a key component. Therefore, you are not at your optimal state of health. Better health means LESS PAIN, more energy, increased immunity, and overall wellness.

Live Life Out Loud!
Let Your Nervous System Express Itself!

Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals by removing the interference on your nervous system, educating you in nutrition, strengthening and stretching, as well as simple lifestyle changes you can make for yourself. We hope you come to Lifespan Chiropractic for relief and stay for wellness.”

Your body CAN heal — by discovering which areas of your body need addressing, your body can begin to fully express itself. Most adult problems start early in childhood. Regular chiropractic care can help identify the “little” problems before they become serious. Staying healthy requires constant attention to your body.

Ask yourself if medications are designed to make us healthy, then why are the people we know who are taking medications, the unhealthiest people? The simple truth is that medications, (both prescription and over-the-counter), create an imbalance in your body and mask the root cause of the problem. Regular chiropractic care restores your body and lets your body function naturally as God intended.

When the brain can't communicate with the body because of subluxations which interfere with you nervous system, it sends out conflicting messages. Instead of messages of “Digest,” “Grow,” “Heal,” your body becomes confused and eventually you will feel symptoms and be at a state of dis-ease…What message is your body sending out?

Life is meant to be lived in good health and to the fullest!

Young Living Essential Oils

Discover How Essential Oils Can Aid in Your Health and Healing.

Dr. Katy offers Young Living Essential Oils to patients to help increase their energy, vitality, and immune function, to detoxify the body and decrease stress and anxiety.


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