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A family who has chiropractic care together stays healthy together.

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When a spinal vertebrae bone is out of place and putting pressure onto your nerves, this is called a subluxation. A subluxation interferes with your body’s health. Every cell in your body needs FOOD, WATER, OXYGEN and NERVE SUPPLY. If you have a subluxation, putting pressure onto your nerves, your body’s cells are missing key components. Therefore, you are not at your optimal state of health. Better health means LESS PAIN, more energy, increased immunity, and OVERALL WELLNESS.

Dr. Katy Heilman


You Were Given An Amazing Body


As your chiropractor, my goal is to remove challenging issues that affect the body’s natural healing process. Our bodies are designed to heal from within. I will listen to you and teach you ways your body can express itself in health – not with pain or disease. I want to help you stop chasing your physical issues with unhealthy “band-aid” methods that often lead to more health problems. My goal is for every patient to experience a life of optimal health.

Live Life to the Fullest!

Your Body Can Heal

Most adult health problems start early in childhood. Whether you are young or old, the good news is your body can still heal.
My aim is to help you achieve your health goals by:
• Adjusting and removing interferences on your nervous system
Educating you in:
• Nutrition
• Nutrients and herbs
• Simple lifestyle changes
• Stretches and strengthening exercises

We hope you come to Lifespan Chiropractic for relief and stay for wellness.

Let Your Body Heal Naturally

Have you ever asked yourself if medications are designed to make us healthy, then why are the people we know who are taking medications, the unhealthiest people? The simple truth is that medications, (both prescription and over-the-counter), create an imbalance in your body that only masks the root cause of your problem and never solves it. Receiving regular chiropractic care restores your body and lets your body function naturally and enjoy life pain-free as God intended.

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Discover How Essential
Oils Can Aid in Your
Health and Healing.

Dr. Katy offers Young Living Essential Oils
to help her patients increase their energy,
strengthen their immune function, decrease stress and detoxify the body.

To complement your care, Dr. Katy offers Standard Process nutritional supplements made of whole foods and other natural ingredients.
Taken with regular chiropractic care, Standard Process can help restore your normal body functions and eliminate your need for certain prescription medications.

“I’d recommend Dr. Katy to anyone! She’s been taking care of our family for many years including support through pregnancy, care of our newborn, and support through injuries. We love the music, the atmosphere, the massage chairs, and the special attention.”

“I would recommend Dr Katy to anyone. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and caring. I always feel prioritized whenever I’m a Lifespan Chiropractic!”

Let Your Brain and Body Communicate Clearly

When the brain can’t communicate with the body because of subluxations which interfere with you nervous system, it sends out conflicting messages. Instead of messages of “Digest,” “Grow,” and “Heal,” your body becomes confused and eventually you will feel symptoms and be at a state of dis-ease.


You Deserve To Live A Life in Good Health.